Collaboration Trenton is a partner of the Capital City Youth Violence Coalition. Collaboration Trenton is a free knowledge base of resources, non-profits, community organizations and community projects, in and around the Trenton, NJ area.

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To find resources and events, go to the Collaboration Trenton website.

The links below will redirect you to resources and lists of resources in the City of Trenton and Mercer County areas for at-risk youth, their families and the community.

Anchor House Resource Directory

Children’s Futures’ Mercer County Service Directory

Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring Practices

Destination Trenton

Frontiers of Innovation

Grants, Financial Aid & Scholarships

Mercer Street Friends Food Pantry Directory

NJ Helps

NJ Stars

School Performance Report: Trenton

Trenton YMCA Partners

Trenton 250

Womanspace Mercer County Resources

The following websites are Trenton Police Department and grassroots efforts in Trenton to track crime:

Trenton Police Department Crime Mapping

Trenton Crime Stoppers

Homicide Watch Trenton