Trenton Youth Violence Reduction Action Strategy

With the support and involvement of community coalitions, public agencies, and municipal authorities, the Capital City Youth Violence Coalition is coordinating a citywide effort to develop a comprehensive strategic action plan to address and combat youth violence in Trenton.

Building on the successful models of other similarly situated cities, we will implement a local strategic planning process that follows the model of the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention. This model, developed as collaboration among cities and federal agencies in 2010, has provided transformative frameworks for struggling cities across the country to bring together key stakeholders to develop a shared vision and strategy to prevent and reduce youth violence. Combining data-driven analysis, the National Forum framework organizes work around four interrelated categories—prevention, intervention, enforcement, and reentry—to most effectively address youth violence at different points.

We invite you to join our effort and combine our energies to develop a meaningful and transformative set of practical actions to support youth in Trenton and redirect them from engaging in violent behavior. Please email to get involved.

Please visit our Youth Violence Reduction Action Strategy page to read more details of CCYVC’c goals, objectives, and strategies.


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